about us

Charlie’s Paradiso
Homing the finest whiskeys and cigars, while honing indulgence and class.
We are a lounge by Singapore River that floats into a land of its own.
Delicacies of whiskey and flavours of cigars convene from around the globe in Paradiso. It’s an exclusive meeting of culture and style, and we host it with great delight.

In a realm of seasoned sophistication, we invite you to unwind and socialize. Dialogues amongst friends flow openly, as thoughts twirl in the fog of cigars, and are voiced with the swirls of whiskey. We also have a devoted fondness for newcomers and, with great attention, guide them to this sensory journey.

For patrons who have yet to develop the palate for single malts, a range of premium wines from various countries are laid out for your fancy. If not, with a wave of a hand, that can be replaced with smooth and exquisite liquors.

And although our offerings are vast, our intent is simple: to pass down the classic tradition of cigar and whiskey. So, spoon into our lounge sofas and let the refinement begin.

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